Tiger Claw

Eagle claw

The Claws

The clawing techniques use the power of the individual fingers to rake or grasp the opponent.  The Tiger Claw is a general open claw, used to attack the soft parts of the opponent: the eyes and throat. 

The Eagle Claw is more tensed and tight: it can grasp and penetrate the muscles of the arms and the joints of the body.


Tiger's Mouth

The Tigers Mouth - this hand-form keeps the fingers together but separates the thumb to create a strong pincher.  This is the form used in the Shuai Chiao stance, "Supporting the Sky", where the upper hand blocks and grabs the opponent's arm, while the lower hand attacks the opponent's throat or side.

The inverted form, with the palm facing up, was used often by Grandmaster Ch'ang as a receiving parry to an opponent's leading arm, pulling the opponent into the Leading Arm Kick or Knee Seizing throws.