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BUDOWORLD organises and focuses on publishing and promoting Traditional Martial Arts by holding international courses throughout the world and sponsoring such events as the SENI show plus marketing Classical Fighting Arts magazine.


CYBERBUDO is our internet arm that cultivates better communication for Martial Arts students and teachers both on our own website and working in close cooperation with our designated links. Visit site . .


BUDOSAI is a gathering of the finest Martial Arts teachers from Japan, Okinawa, China & all over the world to teach courses in a non-political environment, open to all irrespective of style or affiliation at the most prestigous locations such as Bisham Abbey in the UK. Visit site . .

Karate Jutsu International

KARATE JUTSU INTERNATIONAL continues to grow in a very satisfactory manner in UK and internationally we now have regular courses in London, Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester, Kings Lynn, Gt. Yarmouth, Basildon, Brighton, Marlow, Penzance, Newton Abbott, France, Poland & Germany. We are very pleased that in line with this steady development one of our shodans has gone to train for 3 years in Tokyo to continue the heritage of this martial art. Visit site . .

Karate-do International

KARATE-DO INTERNATIONAL With the goal of technical excellence the KDI is building for the future based on offering our affiliates access to the best instructors in the world by sponsoring courses and offering opportunities to compete at the highest level of competition. Visit site . .

International Jujitsu Federation

The INTERNATIONAL JUJITSU FEDERATION continues to grow internationally with approved affiliates in 37 countries and 4 countries under consideration. With the premise that the IJJF will promote and sponsor non-competitive Jujitsu the courses have proved very interesting as the feedback has shown. This year we welcome Eryk Murlowski from Poland to the international teaching panel. Eryk has a wealth of knowledge built up over 40 plus years and will realise his dream this year by training in Japan with 24 other Polish instructors and students under the direction of the IJJF. Visit site . .

Aikido International

AIKIDO INTERNATIONAL Under the careful nurturing of the AI technical director, Alan Ruddock the AIKIDO content of our courses both nationally and internationally continues to grow at a very satisfactory rate. Sensei Ruddock was a direct student in Japan of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba and his skill and teaching ability (he was a school teacher for many years) are now being appreciated more than ever. We have plans to expand the AIKIDO courses due to the increasing demand for sensei Ruddocks talents. Visit site . .

Wushu International

Following the BUDOSAI 2007 at Bisham there is a demand and interest for Chinese masters to teach their skill and techniques to various groups both in UK and internationally. With this in mind we shall shortly announce a series of courses in WUSHU over the next 12 months at central locations in UK and Europe. The potential looks very dynamic and we invite your comments or suggestions to maximise these courses. Visit site . .



As Sunday 8th May approaches I want to thank you all so much for your kind words and good wishes on my 70th time around the sun.

As I move into my 8th decade I look back at 61 years involved in Martial Arts and realize that I enjoy it more now than ever.

I don't think that you can force anyone to like anything and as we have all found with Martial Arts you can lead the horse to water but you can't make it drink. I think that it makes such a very big difference if you have the support of your wife and/or family to encourage you to excel in your chosen Art. I am so very fortunate in that my beautiful wife Sharon is totally supportive in all my involvement in Martial Arts and motivates me to carry on without the idea of retiring from the dojo.


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10th March 2011

We are very pleased to announce that Hanshi Terry Wingrove has been advanced to the grade of 9th Dan with a Shihan licence for Karate Jutsu together with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy who has also been elevated to the coveted grade of 9th Dan and they will be in Tokyo for the presentation ceremony on the 23rd March to receive their certificates of rank from 93-year-old Master Hiroshi Kinjo, the most senior Karate teacher in Japan.

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy is Master Kinjo’s most senior direct Western student and Hanshi Wingrove, the most senior Western representative of Karate Jutsu who's been associated with Master Kinjo since the early days of FAJKO & WUKO in 1968.

For Hanshi Wingrove this is the pinnacle of achievement after 61 years in Martial Arts and will be the last grading available to Hanshi Wingrove. Hanshi Terry who is 70 this year, spent 21 years in Japan and devotes most of his time to teaching in the 39 countries affiliated to his groups.