The summer course in Wigan was held on Sat/Sun 12th and 13th August and despite a few hitches was thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and instructors and gave a lot of feedback for future courses in the NW. Senseis Tattersall, Ruddock, Christian and Wingrove were shown the way by the sprightly 84 year old Judo sensei Jack Hearn who still can throw the youngsters round the mat with ease.

Below are a selection of your comments.

Thank You Terry,

Had a great time with nice people, really enjoyed the weekend as did all my lads that attended Sat / Sun. good feed back from them All last night.

Best Wishes Terry love to All.


Really enjoyed the course and the tea cup is not bad either, Fantastic collection of masters and skills and hopefully the first of many top class sessions in the North West

Bill and John

Dear Terry

Thank you once again from everybody at UKBF for your kindness in sponsoring our course.

We all enjoyed the course very much. From speaking to other instructors and students who spent as much time on the mat as I spent clicking photos, everybody got something out of it - for example we enjoyed the effectiveness of your Yawara and how we can apply the principles to our existing arts and of course your leadership and experience; we were [as always] won-over by Sensei Ruddock's modest and approachable manner (and his knowledge of course); and we found Sensei Tattersall's down-to-earth nature and experience made for excellent teaching of a complicated art. Thankyou as well to Sensei Tony Christian, a very nice man and a pleasant surprise that he taught us on the course, his in-depth knowledge was much appreciated.

I enclose a few photos that I took. And there's a few more on

Best wishes
Simon Keegan

Hello Sensei Wingrove

Attended the course at Wigan (Saturday only, prior commitment) and enjoyed it immensely, I hope you do not mind but I placed a posting under "Cyberbudo" on forum page regarding the course and the forthcoming 50th anniversary in July 2007. Once again, thank you very much for your time in Wigan.

Best Regards
Allan Shepherd.

Good morning Terry,

I would like to thank you for setting up the course and again for making my weekend a very enjoyable and memorable one. I did came away with a lot of food for thought.

All the best

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