Friday 28th July – Sunday 30th July was a date to remember with students from UK, France, Poland, Spain, Germany and Belgium enjoying the teaching of many Sensei including Morio Higaonna, Alan Ruddock, Louis Mercier, Sr Enjuto, Alan Tattersall, George Andrews, Tony Christian and our own Terry Wingrove.

Below are a selection of your comments.


Thanks for a brilliant course at Bisham Abbey.

Alex Wyllie

Hello Sensei,

Just like to say a big thank you for arranging the CyberBudo seminar. I have been to many, many seminars over the years and cannot recall enjoying any as much as this one. Also I have never been so well fed, watered and even clothed at any previous event. The seminar fees were excellent value, the training very, very good, I met up with like minded people and I met some old friends and made some new ones.

Just one idea for the next one Sensei. How about the caterers at Bisham Abbey providing a packed lunch instead of a sit-down? That way all students and teachers could eat in one time period. Most people could get something themselves for an evening meal.


Dear Terry,

Please let me thank you for a great informative weekend, not to mention the wonderful hospitality from your Staff / BishamAbbey / Holiday Inn, plus the welcome from all the staff and Students that attended.

Last of all the most important, my sincere condolences to your family at the loss of Sharons Dad, your father in law who I met at SENI, your dedication under such stress to your family , yet you still carried on to make the course a cracker for all those that came from all over Europe and Japan you did a wonderful job under such stress and now lets move on to Wigan to another Cyberbudo / Budoworld promotion to make that one also a big success to show our appreciation.

Once more old friend Thank you.
Allan Tattersall. Hanshi

Dear Sensei Wingrove,

I am a karate student of Sensei Bewleys and had the joy of being able to attend this weekend's course. I would like to thank you for an amazing seminar, which has if possible further inspired my karate. I look forward eagerly to next year and hope you can also pass thanks to Sensei's Higaonna, Ruddock, Christian and anyone else who made such a fantastic seminar possible.

Kind Regards
Lewis Hughes

Dear Sensei Terry,

May I take this opportunity to thank you once again for an excellent weekend of training. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with all the Sensei’s teachings and learned a few ideas. Once again thanks and please accept my condolences on loss of your father in law, hope all goes well with the funeral.

Yours respectfully
Feridun Shakir

Hi Terry,

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful course this weekend. Also thanks for the opportunity to meet and feel some really good martial artists.

All the best

Dear Sensei

Thank you very much for a Great Seminar, all your help, hospitality and teaching!



Thank you for putting on a superb course at Bisham Abbey this weekend. It was a great event and I have learned much from it.

In respect of next years event, you ased for some ideas. Given the time of year and the excellent facilites available, I wondered if you had planned to offer use of some of the facilities available outside of the dojo - swimming pools, etc. I also mentioned to Nigel and Sam just before I left if it would be possible to have a professional masseur/sports physio on site - maybe even giving classes. This may permit some of the more worn out bodies to participate in more sessions across the week.

With Kind Regards

To all at Cyberbudo / Budoworld and especially to Sensei Terry Wingrove,

We would all like to give a huge thank you for putting on a fantastic seminar and for letting us be part of it. Not only was the weekend enlightening but really fun and we were all made to feel really welcome. Looking forward to training with you in the future.

Thanks again,
Steve Amey
Joanne Lee
Andy Chapman
Richard Amey
Ni Kawa Kai Budo Association Bournemouth

Dear Terry,

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful course you put together this weekend at Bisham abbey. I came down with Tony Christian's gang and I can speak for us all in saying we all had a great time and learned a great deal. The facilities were as you'd said excellent. The course was well organised. The other instructors were very good, but your headline act wiped the floor with us all. Over the years I've trained with Higaonna many times and off the top of my head I can't remember such an intensely good couple of days training.

It's all we will be talking about at the Dojo for the next couple of months. It was that good. As to next year, to build a sense of community within the much larger group, start with every one together for a warm-up. Then at the end by bringing us all back together from our separate class' for a demonstration by one of the masters.

I'll sign off now by again, I can't praise the course too highly, it was brilliant, and again thank you. Looking back now I'd say
this was the best and informative course I've attended since the Budosai in Northumberland, back in the early 1990's.

Yours again with thanks,
Andy Moorhouse

Hi Sensei,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for a wonderful course at Bisham Abbey it has to be the best weekend course I’ve ever been on, I’d like to thank you as it obviously took a lot of organisation and commitment to bring such wonderful instructors like yourself to the course.

I was looking forward to seeing you at Robin Park in Wigan this weekend but I’m on holiday with the family in Spain, so I’ll look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you once again for a wonderful course and I will be encouraging my students not to miss the next course.

Very kind regards

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