CYBERBUDO is our internet arm that cultivates better communication for Martial Arts students and teachers both on our own website and working in close cooperation with our designated links.

We aim at being user friendly and to bring you all the information, updates and details of major Budo courses all over UK & Europe plus specialist courses all over the world. CYBERBUDO is the direct sponsor of our 7 major international Martial Arts organisations namely, KARATE DO INTERNATIONAL, KARATE JUTSU INTERNATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL JUJITSU FEDERATION, YAWARA INTERNATIONAL, JUTSU INTERNATIONAL, AIKIDO INTERNATIONAL, WUSHU INTERNATIONAL.

We sponsor and organise a number of International weekend course throughout the year with internationally renown instructors covering Karate Do, Karate Jutsu, Yawara, Aikido, Kobudo, Chinese Arts and Philippino Arts plus lectures from world famous Martial Arts academics and specialised Medical courses. (Please see our COURSES page).


If you would like us to hold a course at your venue, please remember we do NOT charge for our courses and pay for our own travel and accommodation and only ask that 50% of any profit made from the course goes to our nominated charity Richard House (Children’s Hospice), or is split 50/50 with your nominated charity. We have increased our Karate Jutsu classes at Wycombe Judo Club to Mon, Wed & Fri: 8-00pm – 10-00pm (all students welcome).

In the meantime if we can be of any immediate help please do not hesitate to contact us.