Hi Sensei,

I would like to thank you for arranging such a fantastic course, also a big thank you for your generosity and hospitality for the full weekend.

The most precious gift you can give someone is your time and the time and effort yourself and your cyberbudo team put into the weekend was outstanding. Myself and students are buzzing and eagarly awaiting next years cyberbudo.

All my appreciation and best wishes,
Amanda Winstanley

Dear Terry,

I did not want to leave it too long before saying thank you for yesterday. I was good to see old friends again (and I'm not just referring to the wine!!).

Once again thank you very much for the whole day.

Kind regards
Mike Dinsdale


If I had your address I would hand-write you a letter to say how much I enjoyed the event yesterday but Email is quick and efficient. It was a credit to you and your team, and I am most grateful for the hospitality in such marvellous surroundings. I was a privilege to be present.

Best wishes,
Alan Francis

Dear Sensei Terry Wingrove,

Many thanks for your hospitality over the weekend. I enjoyed the course very much. Very well organised and a beautiful venue. Very well done Sensei. Sorry I left without saying thank you (that was unforgivable).

Please keep me informed of future events as I shall be more than pleased to attend them.

Sensei Terence Read

Hi T,

Just a very humble thank you for one of the most amazing weekends I've ever had. I am shattered.

What you accomplished was absolutely astonishing . . . Everybody I spoke to were so enthusiastic about the course and training. It was as clear as crystal that the Masters were impressed and happy while looking totally relaxed. I could go on . . .

Thank you so very much.
Alan Platt

Thanks for organising the course; hopefully you found it worthwhile. I myself really enjoyed it and as I gain more budo knowledge and experience I think that the experience will become more and more useful and insightful.

Reece Bramley


Pam and i would like to thank you for a wonderfull day it was a great experance for both of us Pam has not stopped talking about it and to have dinner that was out of this world so a very big thank for the invite and the chance of meeting you after so many years, hope to see you again.

Thank you once again,
Steve Morgan

Hi Sensei,

I'd like to thank you and congratulate you for another fantastic weekend at Bisham, I didn't,t think last year could be topped but it most definitely was, could you please thank all the Senseis on the behalf of myself and my students for the most interesting and informative courses, we learned at lot.

The weekend must have been very stressful for you and your family and yet you never lost your sense of humour you showed great patience. Thanks also to Imran and the rest of the guys for their help and organization in running the budosai.

Give my kind regards to everyone and look forward to seeing you soon.
Tony Bewley

Dear Terry

I am just writing to thank you for arranging the 50th Anniversary Budosai. I felt honoured to be invited and thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the “Old Faces” after such a long time.

Again thank you for all your hard work, I for one, really appreciated it.

Yours in Budo
R E Fuller
Thames Karate International

Dear Terry

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Saturday afternoon and evening. Everybody I met had told me what a fantastic event the Budosai was. All your hard work paid dividends!

I wanted to personally thank you for the great displays you organised, for the great meal you arranged and for the chance to meet old friends, some I had not seen in over thirty years.

I have not seen Brian Hammond for over thirty years. Len Palmer, I last met him nearly twenty years ago when Danny Connor was still with us. Ray Fuller and his ex-wife Pauline as well as Alan Francis. It was just so nice to meet all these people and to talk about real issues and not this stupid situation karate finds itself in now.

Anyway, Thanks for a great weekend. I hope you have a good Summer break and I will be in touch with you before the end of the month.

Best wishes,
Chris Thompson

Hello Sensei,

Once again thanks for organising the Budosai, looking forward to next year's. Speak to you soon.

Albie O’Connor

Dear Terry,

Just a quick note to thank you for hosting such a wonderful weekend. I had a really good time, and am eagerly awaiting what you have planned for next year! Thank you for you hospitality, it was a great venue!

Best regards,
Garry Lever

Hi Terry

Thank you once again for a memorable course. Thank you also for your generosity my friend and student Andy also thanks you. We will be creating interest in the club for next year. There is already a dozen interested for next year.

Kind Regards,
Steve Scott

Hello Sensei Wingrove

My name is Rob Kennedy I am a student of Sensei Tony Bewley. I attended the Budosai course this weekend and wanted to pass on my thanks for an excellent time. Training with Master Higaonna for the first time was truly inspirational and a great experience. Also seeing Master Gushi in action was a real eye opener something I will never forget.

I know that organising a weekend like this one must have taken a great deal of your time and effort and wanted to pass on my appreciation. I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Rob Kennedy

Hi Terry,

Thank you for wonderful seminar, I have seen great masters and learnt a lot (not only on the mat).

Andy Kilian

Dear Sensei

I realy don't know how to thank you. Words are not enough to show what I feel !

Knowladge of past its getting lost but thanks to Masters like you there is still a chance . . . your hard work on preserving and spreading Karate Jutsu and Ju Jutsu it is so unique!

Dear Sensei, THANK YOU !
Marek Zasadny

Well Done Terry,

Thank you for a truly memorable experience, even if I am still as stiff as a board from it. To have a one-on-one with Sensei Da Costa was brilliant but to spend nearly half an hour showing the swords to Sensei Higaonna was magical. I intend to start training for next year now. You have started something wonderful, long may it continue.

Phil Harris


Great time will always help true Budo

Stay safe

Dear Terry san,

Thank you for the great experience on last week's England Budosai. I had a wonderful time. I met so many fine martial artists who love traditional martial arts, and I learned a lot by observing and talking to them. I also enjoyed listening to your stories about old Japan martial arts..

I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Respectfully yours,
Tetsuji Nakamura

Hello Sensei

Last week-end was super, I really enjoyed myself, Thank you to everyone involved it was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into the course, especially Imran working on the door and co-ordinating things.

I hope to come next year, and would like to request a session on revival techniques for working with kyusho points if possible.

(from Hull)

Sensei Wingrove,

I am a student of Sensei Bewley and was advised by him to attend your course this year. Thank you for a fantastic weekend at Bisham. Having the opportunity to train with teachers of such calibre has fuelled my interest in martial arts and has given me further inspiration and drive with my training. I am looking forward to next year's event.

Many Thanks,
John Walsh

Dear Sensei Terry

Thank you for a wonderful weekend of training - it was inspirational to have such great Masters together and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the teaching. I must congratulate you and your staff on a well organised event and also for the excellent value for money that the course represented. The setting and weather were also wonderful, and the Masters ' demonstration will be something to treasure.

I look forward to more events in the future. I hope that you can now have a well-deserved rest before moving on to your next seminar!

With kind regards
Linda Marchant


Congratulations on hosting such a tremendous event. I was happy to be able to play a small part in its success; assisting Master Gushi was a pleasure. I look forward to seeing the pictures and the DVD. I hope that my efforts on the voice over were adequate.

Should Master Gushi return next year, and require my help again, please let me know and I will try to ensure that I am available. I have emailed Alan to thank him for his help in getting me to Bisham. Please convey my thanks to the lads who took me to Gatwick on Sunday.

Once again, well done.
Terry Donoghue


I would like to thank you and all of those people who work so very hard to make this happen. It has been a great course and I am looking forward to next year's.

Thank you very much!

Dear Sensei Trerry Wingrove

Thanks for the lovely training from the South African Kevin Ludick I am still reminiscing. I will be there next year Sensei Terry. Thanks for making karate and other martial arts come together I hope to follow your example in my life it was a dream come true.

Kevin Ludick
Combat Gym Ltd

Dear Terry,

Thanks immensely for the opportunities this weekend. I think everyone had great time, and am sure going forwards that the quality all round will only improve.

Thanks again.
Martin Watts

Hi Sensei,

Just a quick line to say thank you for a brilliant weekend. I'm already looking forward to next year. The location and atmosphere were absolutely incredible. The memory of being punched by Sensei Gushi and taught Seunchin by Sensei Higaonna will last me a lifetime!

Well done, and much appreciated. Thanks again,
Pete Robertson
(student of Tony Christian)

Dear Sensei

A huge thankyou for a fantastic weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, from the training, to the company to meeting the amazing Masters!

Many thanks for your genoristy and your commitment to putting such a great event on, I'm itching for next August to get here asap!

Best Regards
Tracy Hanson
(Milton Keynes)


Thanks very much for an excellent weekend. The whole thing was superb. Met new and old friends, enjoyed the karate, the venue and of course your excellent hospitality.

See you soon
Martyn Skipper

Dear Terry

Well what a fabulous day, how you managed to put it all together I will never know. And what a fantastic atmosphere of Budo friendship, it was amazing. and I was so delighted to see so many old friends of yester year.

So my Friend thank you and all those who worked so hard with you to make a day that will remain special in my life.

Ronnie Colwell and Roy Fox

Hi Terry,

I had a great 3 days meeting everyone. Thank you for a great time and I look forwarding to seeing you next year if not sooner.

Kind Regards
Huw Evans

I am currently a 1st KYU brown belt training at Sensei Bewleys' dojo based in the North West of England. (Sensei Bewley 5th Dan BKA is a student of Sensei Tony Christian 8th Dan BKA.) I felt it necessary to get in touch and express my gratitude for the opportunity of attending the recent 50th Anniversary course at Bisham Abbey. I have never experienced anything like it within the martial arts and to say i thoroughly enjoyed it is an understatement. I am looking forward to attending again next year by which time i will have earned my Black Belt within the GOJU RYU system.

Thanks again for the opportunity as i understand that to arrange something like this must take a massive amount of effort.

Yours Faithfully
Tony Smith

Dear Sensei Wingrove

Just a short note to say a 'Huge' thank you for organising such a fabulous, motivational weekend. It was the first time I'd had an opportunity to attend such an event and I can't wait until the next one.

Please also pass on my thanks to everyone else that was involved.

Sincere regards,
Anthony Doyle
(student of Tony Bewley)


Well done to you and all who supported you in organising the budosai. It was a great experience to train with so many excellent students, with an unmatched line up of masters of so many styles.

Best wishes to all who were there,
Phil Woods

Hello Sensei,

I would like to thank you and all involved in putting on another fantastic weekend. I was so pleased to see that yet again we managed to submerse ourselves in like minded people. I was really pleased to see how well our good friend Martin Watts and his masters were received by people who so often get labeled as narrow minded. This weekend only highlighted the common interest in pursuing traditions and the preservation of our arts.

I look forward to training with you in the near future and can not wait for next year.

Kind regards
Steve Amey, Richard Amey, Jo Lee and Dan Baker

Dear Sensei Terry,

Just wanted to thank you for your kindness and hospitality at the gasshuku. I have now returned to New Zealand. I had a really great time at the gasshuku. Hope to see you again in the future. Lovely to have met you. Again thank you very much for everything

Kind Regards
Reena Prasad

Hello Terry,

Just a delayed note of thanks and appreciation for the Budosai. I really enjoyed the whole event ( and I'm one of the ones caught up in the friday night 'mess about' over the meal). Brilliant training and very insightful . The opportunity to compare the differing interpretations of Sanchin was unparalleled.Course's like the Budosai can't truly teach, I attend them to look for clues and the Budosai has provided me with alot of clues to research. Just to give you my personnel highlight ,seeing Gushi Sensei in the line with us , just being a student. This on the sunday as he trained with Master Pan to experience to Chinese approach. Once again thank you for an excellent weekend.

Andy Moorhouse

Sensei Terry,

One word THANK YOU ... for opportunity to coach with You, and for meeting and training with GREAT Masters... Your work in development and popularization of BUDO is huge and invaluable! On behalf of everybody and Center KOBUDO KENKYUKAI... Thank you so very much

Eryk Murlowski

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