Family Christmas Card 2010REFLECTIONS ON 2010
Posted 14th Dec 2010

Another year has passed so quickly and at my age they seem to pass faster every year. I hope the attachments will bring back some good memories of 2010.

I must say that I felt a lot happier this year than in previous years. I now see the wonderful results of all the years of teaching Martial Arts, with groups in many countries developing along similar lines and with above all, the same values. I know a lot of people are very envious of our genuine and sincere group that trains in Martial Arts because we want to NOT because we have to. I am constantly asked why we have such a viable close knit group and I think it’s because we are NOT based on making money from Martial Arts. Also we have such a depth of knowledge from our instructors to draw on and especially the interest we seem to generate from the over 40’s that want to further their search for knowledge and are fed up or past their “sale by date” for sports competition.

I try to look forward and to develop and improve interest in CYBERBUDO and the 7 groups under its umbrella.

Family Christmas Card 2010In 2011 we hope to develop KARATE DO INTERNATIONAL under the guidance of sensei Damian Bowen and with assistance of other instructors such as sensei Alister McCalister so as to give our members more chances to compete overseas in competitions that will allow them to develop and improve despite the complex and confusing state of Karate Do competition in UK. CYBERBUDO will sponsor teams in 2011 to compete at continental venues and we hopefully can help our young men and women to regain their confidence and full-time interest in Karate Do competition.

Earlier this year in Poland, on a number of occasions we saw the skill and depth of knowledge achieved in Jujitsu by our large group in Poland. It’s now more than 21 years since we first went to teach in Poland in the very difficult Communist era and “as ye sow so shall ye reap” I was very emotional at the Wroclaw course this year when I witnessed all the various clubs in our group demonstrate their skill and ability and it still amazes me how many students (now senior instructors) that we still have practicing with us after 21 years, we must be doing something right.

Aikido continues its interest particularly because of the unique approach of my friend and master of Aikido sensei Alan Ruddock. Where ever he goes he leaves a legacy of sincere interest and the demands for his talented teaching only increase as the years pass. Long may he prosper.

Family Christmas Card 2010Now to my babies KARATE JUTSU INTERNATIONAL & JUTSU INTERNATIONAL, this year saw a truly great expansion in the interest in Karate as a Martial Art not a sport and a tremendous surge in the interest in JUTSU with its philosophy of “feeling is believing “ with 11 more new locations from Ayr, Scotland in the north to

St Austell, Cornwall in the south, from Isle of Man in the west to Sicily in the south, the demand for effective Martial Arts is on a phenomenal increase. I think with the development of MMA it has made Martial Arts reassess its efficacy and just “to look good” no longer satisfies the young generation. Also I have seen so many, many instructors from all types of Martial Arts and from every style enjoy a serious “rebirth” of their interest and ability when they see and study KARATE JUTSU and/or JUTSU. I sincerely hope that this trend continues and as I say on all my courses if you enjoyed the course do me a favour and bring a friend next time.

Lastly I would like to thank you so much for your continued support and as we enter 2011 I would like to make it a very special year as I will be 70 years old and to celebrate this we will hold a VERY SPECIAL course in Manila in October in cooperation with Hanshi Tino Ceberano which will attract instructors from Japan, China, Okinawa and the Philippines plus world class instructors from 10 other countries. The interest in this course is phenomenal and we want it to be truly international so we will limit the numbers from each country so as not to swamp it with one country or continent. Please see our website which is be revamped over the next 4 weeks for all details of the course.

All of us at CYBERBUDO wish you a wonderful yearend and look forward to seeing you in 2011,

HANSHI Terry Wingrove

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