Posted 1st Oct 2009

Contrary to various reports we have not reached our “sell by date” nor gone to the big dojo in the sky ! Other business priorities and a very full teaching schedule over the past 5 months has meant we neglected to update this site but we promise over the coming couple of weeks to once again get up to speed and bring you all the information we can.

From Walsall to Warsaw and Maidstone to Milan, over the past 5 months we have had courses in Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany and new venues all over UK, so we have no complaints other than wishing we had more time in the day. More good news is that we have found Brian Hammond, Mike Manninng and Jimmy Neal all names from the ‘50’s, the first generation of karate in the UK and they are all very positive in helping in any way they can to pass on a true legacy of the beginning of karate in UK. . Both Brian & Mike have joined us on our trips to Europe and their input is greatly appreciated. We already have a very interesting project in the pipeline to publish new material we have found about the early years of UK karate. We are also very pleased that sensei Gavin Slater has agreed to teach on our courses.

Gavin spent 10 years in Japan studying Daito-ryu and his approach and philosophy is very much appreciated by the students. This weekend (4th Oct) there is a course in Hull organised by our friends Jack & Adam Hosie and taught by sensei Wingrove, Ruddock & Slater. We will update the courses calendar over the next 10 days to give you all a choice of courses and venues over the next 6 months. Once again THANK YOU for all your e-mails & calls of support and we promise to keep you informed in future.

Terry Wingrove

Posted February 19th 2009

This very useful information should be available to ALL instructors and students

Posted February 19th 2009

Hanshi Terry Wingrove has been awarded the IRKR (The International Ryukyu Karate Research Society) Lifetime achievement award for 2008. Click here to view the Roll of Honour.

Interview With Terry Wingrove On YOUTUBE
Posted January 2nd 2009

Listen to Sensei Kevin Cooke interviewing Terry - Click here


The Royal Academy of Arts in London is holding an exhibition of Japanese printmaker Utagawa Kuniyoshi from 21 March – 7 June 2009 Kuniyoshi depicted many Japanese samurai. Also see the exhibition website.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797–1861) is considered one of the greatest Japanese print artists. Prolific and multi-talented, Kuniyoshi portrayed the historic heroes of Japan through masterful storytelling and kept alive the great myths and legends.His depictions of fashionable beauties and actors reveals another facet of his work.

The exhibition will display Kuniyoshi’s most staggering imagery, from his innovative representations of tattooed Chinese heroes of the Suikoden, to his most successful applications of Western perspective, as well as good examples of his humorous designs.

Okinawa Traditional Karatedo & Kobudo World Championships 2009
Click above to read article courtesy of Courtesy of Classical Fighting Arts magazine, Los Angeles, USA

Okinawa Traditional Karatedo & Kobudo World Championships 2009

On Thursday, November 6, 2008, the Okinawa Governor and President of the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai, Hirokazu Nakaima, officially established the Executive Committee for the 2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo & Kobudo World Tournament. All the major Okinawan karate associations' representatives were present, together with the local companies that will support the event. 

The tournament will be co-hosted by the tournament’s executive committee and the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai. As Governor Nakaima mentioned, "This tournament is a commemorative event for the creation of the Shinkokai."

The official dates for this event are August 14-16, 2009.

The tournament will be held at the Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Arts (Okinawa Kenritsu Budokan) which is air-conditioned. The only competition that will take place is for kata, and this will be restricted to traditional Okinawan forms.

Every now and again an event is arranged that you should not miss and in my estimation this is the most important karate event held for many, many years. This event has been brought to fruition as the result of many meetings among the many interested parties and a determination by both the senior grades and the Okinawa Prefectural Govt to establish this event in Naha on a regular basis, it is being funded by the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture, Hirokazu Nakaima from public funds.

The list of the instructors who will be giving seminars in August has to be seen to be believed. Many of these Instructors are designated intangible cultural assets by both the Okinawan Prefectural Gov’t and the national Japanese Gov’t. I can assure you that you will never again see a line-up like this as many of the 10th dans are over 75 years old.

14 YES 14 10TH DANS

This is a very rare chance to enjoy training in Okinawa at the highest level with old friends and new ones that are like minded in maximising the quality of their training.

CYBERBUDO will be supporting and promoting this event to its maximum capability throughout Europe and with this in mind we will be arranging travel, training, accommodation and participation in the competition if required. Please watch our website for regular updates for this event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help.

Posted December 5th 2008

Following a very successful year of courses in 2008 for which we thank you very much for your help and cooperation, we are planning to make the courses for 2009 more interesting than usual and with this in mind we would appreciate if you could let us know ASAP when you would like us to hold a course at your venue. Please remember we do NOT charge for our courses and pay for our own travel and accommodation and only ask that any money made from the course  goes to our nominated charity Richard House (Childrens Hospice), or is split 50/50 with your nominated charity. We are planning courses in 12 European countries in 2009 plus return visits to Japan in May & Nov, so please keep your eyes on our website as we promise to keep it updated regularly in 2009.

Best Wishes,
Terry Wingrove and all of the staff of CYBERBUDO

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