New Training Location
Thursday 20th November 2008

We are pleased to announce new classes for Karate Jutsu at our new venue:

Wycombe Judo Club starting on Wed 26th Nov at 8-00pm - 10-00pm and also on Fridays at 8-00pm - 10-00pm. These classes will be taught by sensei Terry Wingrove.

For location details please click here.

The Pain and the Glory - Deja Vu
November 1st 2008

With only a few days to go more than 100 members and supporters of the EKF are preparing to leave for Japan for the 19th World Karate Championships in Tokyo from 13th – 16th Nov. The team and officials number 21 and for everyone this is the one place they all want to do well, The excitement and thrill of competing in the cradle of Karate-Do has built up over the past 18 months to the realisation that this time round the English team will compete against more than 100 national teams to see how good they really are.

What a big difference to 38 years ago at the first World Chapionships in Tokyo / Osaka in 1970. To put things in perspective please see the following photo, who do you recognise ? (see below) Well on this trip three of us will be there as we were in 1970 namely a young Ticky (fifth from left) and Brian Hammond (2nd from left) and as in 1970 yours truly was waiting in Tokyo to greet the team after I had worked in the Zenkuren FAJKO (All Japan Karate Organisation) HQ in Tokyo for 2 years to bring the first Championships to fruition.

1970 Worlds
From left; Stan Knighton, Brian Hammond, Brian Fitkin, Steve Arneil, Ticky Donovan, Hamish Adams and 3 guesses?

If I remember correctly the 1970 team were delayed in reaching Japan and they finally did it after 3 days travel. Despite this there was a really great team spirit although the team came from 4 different styles in England.

Enough of yesterday and we all hope the thrill of representing their country will lift todays team to the highest level of performance. I know how hard it has been to organise this team’s selection and then arrange sponsorship. I am sure that to get this team to Tokyo has cost more than any other English team over the past 40 years and despite no funding from Sport England the EKF is sending its team in style and with its head held high. Over the past 18 months the EKF has led by example and fulfilled its promises and developed the EKF to undoubtedly the only effective governing body for karate in England. As I have said many times in the past “words are cheap, money buys the whiskey” and the time is coming for all karate clubs in England to be objective and decide where their future wil be best looked after. Please watch our website as we send back daily photos and video streaming of the Tokyo competition as we did with great success in the last Championships in Tampere, Finland.

Wishing everyone the very best,
Terry Wingrove
On behalf of the major sponsors CYBERBUDO

Congratulations to Hanshi Ceberano
October 7th 2008

It is with sincere pleasure that we have learned that Hanshi Tino Ceberano has been awarded his 9th dan in Brisbane on Sat 4th Oct . As a long time friend and associate I feel honoured to call him a true martial artist in the original sense of the words. His contribution to teaching all over the world has resulted in a very strong following of very competent instructors and students and he is now sharing his comprehensive knowledge every year in Europe under the patronage of Cyberbudo & long long may it continue.

Best Wishes, Terry Wingrove

BUDOSAI 2008 - Important Announcement
Posted August 4th 2008

Following discussions over the past month with instructors in Japan, Okinawa, China and organisations throughout Europe regarding this year's Bisham BUDOSAI 2008 scheduled for September 2008, it has been decided to postpone this year's BUDOSAI event. Unfortunately a number of other events were found to clash with this year's dates, therefore in its place we will hold a special invitation event at Bisham over Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th September.

We will also hold a major international course in Poland on the 20th & 21st Sept 2008 to celebrate the 20 years of our organisation's establishment in Poland with a number of internationally famous teachers attending this event. We will also hold an international course in Ekaterinburg, Russia on the 4th & 5th October 2008.

We can confirm that the Bisham BUDOSAI 2009 event will go ahead as planned in August 2009.

Hanshi McCarthy's Courses prove a good success
Posted May 4th 2008

With 3 courses in Wycombe, Sussex and Manchester plus other private visits Hanshi McCarthy once again demonstrated his popularity and superb technical ability as he unravelled more mysteries of karate in its original forms. Photos were taken on the various courses and we all look forward to training with him again in the not-to-distant future.

The only negative factor was Hanshi McCarthy's leg problem from which we all hope he makes a speedy recovery.

You can view a selection of photos in our media section.

Terry WingroveI am very happy that after many weeks our website has a had a completely new makeover to make it more interesting and more user-friendly. I know from your many, many e-mails how much the site has been appreciated and I’m sure you will enjoy it even more in the coming months. The whole principle of CYBERBUDO is to promote and sponsor Martial Arts on the basis of being non-political and to stand firmly behind our motto of " Martial Arts without fear or favour".

In 2008 CYBERBUDO will be involved in promoting and sponsoring courses in Karate Jutsu, Karate Do, JuJitsu, Aikido, Iiaido, Chinese Arts, Medical Implications in Martial Arts plus sponsoring the English team to the WKF World Championships in Tokyo in November.

Our biggest event or 2008 will be our 3rd BUDOSAI at Bisham National Sports Centre Bisham, Nr Marlow, Bucks from 5th-7th September 2008. This proved such a big success last year that we are expanding it with even more masters from Japan, Okinawa & China and we will put our first advert for the BUDOSAI on this website in a couple of weeks. Please see our COURSES page for a general diary of events and the individual pages of the Karate Jutsu International (KJI), Karate Do International (KDI), International JuJitsu Federation (IJJF), Aikido International (AI) and Wu Shu International (WI) for specific details.

Your input, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you all sincerely for your continued support & interest, Terry Wingrove and the staff of CYBERBUDO

Welcome Eryk Murlowski
Posted February 27th 2008

We are also very pleased to welcome Eryk Murlowski the head of our Polish organisation who has arrived for a long stay in UK to study with us and to improve his English. Lastly in this quick update we have increased our Karate Jutsu classes at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre by adding Friday to our schedule at the same time of 8-00pm – 10-00pm (all students welcomed). In the meantime if we can be of any immediate help do not hesitate to contact us.

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