Cyberbudo head to Cornwall
September 23rd 2007

Seminar with Sensei Terry Wingrove 'Jutsu Vs. Do'

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Lancaster Course
September 9th 2007

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Cyberbudo head to East Anglia
September 2nd 2007

Karate / Ju-Jitsu course

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Budosai - Aug 2007

Budosai Karate Competition Under WKF Rules.

We wish to reiterate clearly that from its original concept the International Karate Competition we are sponsoring between England and the Netherlands (for details see below) has been organised 100% under WKF rules.

Chinese Masters Confirm Travel - 29th July

We are very happy to confirm that the 3 Chinese Masters (Cheng Miao Pan, Qiongqi Pan, Jian Feng Chen) have received their travel visas to come to UK which now completes the superb line-up at the BUDOSAI this coming weekend.

Stars Of All-Our-Yesterdays Gather

With only 10 days to the BUDOSAI we are very happy to report that very many of the “Old School” from the early days of karate in England have agreed to attend the BUDOSAI at Bisham. Names like Alan Francis, Brian Hammond, Bryn Williams and (we are keeping secret) many founder members of Vernon Bell's British Karate Federation that went on to found the KUGB etc, so as it can be a nice surprise for all that attend.

If you would like to come please contact us for an invitation as due to the occupancy restrictions at Bisham National Sports Centre no one will be allowed in without an invitation, therefore you will not be able to just turn up on the day and walk in.

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of English Karate we are very proud to sponsor and organise a 3 day Festival of Martial Arts to be held at Bisham National Sports Centre, Bisham, Nr Marlow, Bucks. on the 3rd, 4th & 5th Aug.

The BUDOSAI will include a full 3 day course with some of the finest teachers in the world, demonstrations by these masters with fully interactive participation by the students on the course, a world class karate competition under WKF rules between a top flight English team and the Netherlands team.

Masters from Japan, Okinawa & China, USA & Europe will provide the best teaching available and include:

Master Morio Higaonna 9th Dan Goju-ryu, a true legend and master of his art, a charismatic leader in the world of karate who has built up a world-wide following, we welcome him back to Bisham. Master Morio Higaonna 9th Dan Goju-ryu
Master Shinyu Gushi 9th Dan Uechi-ryu, a master of this rare school of Karate that has earned him the respect of teachers and students wherever he has taught. Master Shinyu Gushi 9th Dan Uechi-ryu
Sensei Yukiyoshi Marutani, one of the best modern karate teachers in the world, former U.S. National Coach, and a seven time member of the Japanese National Team, will add his talents to the BISHAM BUDOSAI. For the younger, sport orientated karateka, Marutani sensei’s counterattacking techniques are in a class of their own. He approaches competition from a traditional standpoint (he is 7th Dan Gen Sei Ryu) and does not subscribe to the “slap and tickle” school of competition karate. Sensei Yukiyoshi Marutani
Sensei Kando Shibamori 8th dan started his Wado-Ryu Karate studies under sensei Kazuo Sakai 9th dan in Yokohama, also trained directly with the founder of Wado-Ryu Otsuka Hiranori. In 1973 he moved to Austria to introduce Wado style. From 1987 he became chief instructor of Hungary and founder of IWKU (International Wadokarate Union), teaching Wado Karate in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany and France. His unique personality is an excellent example of the true karate-ka with life-long devotion to his art. This is a rare chance to train in England with a sensei of this calibre and ability. Sensei Shibamori will be assisted by Tibor Rostas Chief Instructor of the Hungarian Wado-Ryu Karate Organisation. Sensei Kando Shibamori 8th dan

The Real True Masters Of Their Art

Master Pan Cheng Miao, Pan Qiong Qi &  Chen Jian FengWe have the greatest pleasure to confirm that Master Pan Cheng Miao, his son Pan Qiong Qi and a top teacher from another historical lineage, Chen Jian Feng will be travelling directly from Fujian in China to teach and give exhibitions at our BUDOSAI. We cannot emphasize enough how fortunate we have been in obtaining the services of the best in their field. We have to thank Martin Watts, their senior Western student, who has worked tirelessly with CYBERBUDO staff to bring this to reality.

Master Pan Cheng Miao is the head of the Ong Gong Shr Wu Shu Guan (Click Here), which is the largest and best known Wu Shu Guan in Yong Chun. The Pan family have been practicing and teaching Yong Chun White Crane for seven generations, and trace their complete lineage back to Fang Chi Niang the founder of the White Crane system. A chance in a lifetime to see and train in England with these masters.

Traditional Aikido

We are very happy to confirm that the internationally renowned AIKIDO sensei Alan Ruddock has confirmed that he will be teaching at our BUDOSAI, Sensei Ruddock is a direct student of the founder of AIKIDO, Morihei Ueshiba and studied with him in Tokyo in the early ‘60’s. We also understand that other top European Aikido teachers will be attending our BUDOSAI.

Alan Ruddock

Iiaido At Its Best

We are very proud to announce that the internationally renowned teacher Hanshi Alex Da Costa has agreed to teach Iiaido at this BUDOSAI.

Hanshi DaCosta, 8th Dan Iiaido, 6th Dan Karate is a personal friend and contemporary of our Hanshi Terry Wingrove and trained at the same time as him in Japan.

Hanshi DaCosta was a personal uchideshi of Iiaido Master Hayabuchi while also studying Karate with Shihan Chojiro Tani both in Kobe. Hanshi DaCosta has been instrumental in the development of Budo in Brasil, USA and Portugal (where he was national coach of the Portuguese Karate team from 1994-96).

Hanshi Alex Da Costa

Tai-Jitsu Master To Teach At Budosai

We are very happy to confirm that the internationally famous sensei Louis Mercier 7th dan Kyoshi Tai-Jitsu has agreed to teach on our BUDOSAI.

This teacher has exeptional skill in transmitting his techniques to his students and we thoroughly recommend training with him.


International Competition At Bisham Abbey 4th August

We are very happy to confirm that there will be an International Karate competition between Netherlands and England at Bisham National Sports Centre Bisham, Nr Marlow on Sat 4th Aug. This competition is being sponsored by CYBERBUDO in cooperation with the founder members of the EKF and to run concurrently with the 50th ANNIVERSARY OF ENGLISH KARATE BUDOSAI, over the 3-day period of 3rd/4th/5th Aug. at the same Bisham venue. The competition will be an annual International team invitation for the Vernon Bell Challenge Cup.

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Modern Japanese Training - The Inside Story
Posted 24th July

We are very pleased to present a truly inside story of Karate training in Japan as it is TODAY not as it was in years gone by. I can thoroughly recommend this article by Hamid Abassalty, an English Shotokan practitioner who has lived in Japan for 10 years. This article appeared in Shotokan Magazine Issue 92 (July 2007).

Click here to read the article (PDF)

Thank you to Shotokan Karate Magazine for the use of this article

Chinese Masters - 94 Years Young
Posted 21st July

Click here to view the video on YouTube

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