TEMAA Budo Workshop Weekend
Posted 28 Mar 2007

This interesting report with photos by one of our affiliates of a successful weekend of Budo training shows the diversity of training available to students over a 2 day period.

We have just completed The Empire Martial Arts Association's (TEMAA) Budo Workshop weekend in Scarborough on March 24-25. Many of the participants commented that this was a superb event and some said the best seminar they have attended. This two-day event cost only £15 (including lunch) and was free to invited guests.

The Saturday began with tuition in Goju Ryu Karate courtesy of Derrick Parsons (4th Dan Kokusai Budoin). Derrick, a former PTI who teaches in Wales gave a great warmup and first lesson of the weekend. Next came Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido with Wigan instructor Steve Chriscole (2nd Dan Kokusai Budoin) who taught an hour long session which was enjoyed by beginners and more experienced alike. Shotokan Karate was taught by Wigan Karate instructor Robert Carruthers (6th Dan FEKO) who also introduced the participants to Kyusho techniques and some Jujutsu. He was assisted by myself. We were treated to some excellent Aikijujutsu by Craig Bailey (4th Dan Kokusai Budoin) and Jim Walker (5th Dan) two Sheffield instructors who took turns to demonstrate.

The Saturday ended with a tough Judo grading for 19-year-old Thomas Craven who was being examined for his 2nd Dan. Thomas had to go through 18 Judo matches and grappling contests which the young man did, winning 16 of the contests despite sustaining a shoulder dislocation and a burst nose. His final contest was a true epic as he took on Derrick Parsons in a Judo vs Goju Ryu contest (under Judo rules) which Derrick fought and won despite two broken ribs. And yes, Tom flattened yours truly in a Judo contest (somebody had to make up the numbers!). We all went for an excellent meal on the Saturday night and a good time was had by all.

On the Sunday morning the day's proceedings were begun by Tai Chi instructor David Keegan who taught the Ba Duan Jin (8 Pieces of Brocade) which really served to loosen everybody up for the day's proceedings. Next was Merseyside Goju Ryu instructor Reiner Parsons (6th Dan Kokusai Budoin) who, assisted by myself (just call me 'muggins') demonstrated a selection of Tanjo techniques. By mid morning the weather was improving so we took advantage of the grass outside the Dojo. With sessions inside and out.

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido instructor Tim Hamilton (5th Dan Roshukai) of Darlington split the Iai teaching with Steve Chriscole. With Iai in full flow for several hours outside we alternated the outdoor Karate tuition between Shotokan and Goju Ryu and indoors the matted Dojo was used for Aikijujutsu and Judo with Scarborough's Colin Hutchinson (4th Dan Kokusai Budoin). Some say TEMAA President Colin taught the toughest session of the weekend with many students exhausted (but grinning) afterwards. We had an early bowing ceremony and certificate presentation for those who wanted to leave early to travel home. Robert Carruthers and Reiner Parsons, both 6th Dan Renshi made the presentations.

After our excellent Masters Course in Wigan last summer with Terry Wingrove, Allan Tattersall, Alan Ruddock and Tony Christian Sensei, this was a good start to this year's course schedule and good to get up to Scarborough for the weekend.

Simon Keegan
TEMAA Chairman

Saiko Shihan Course Proves a Great Success
Posted 19th Mar 2007

Students and instructors from 6 countries gathered over the weekend 16/17/18th March at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Marlow for a Goju-ryu karate course under the watchful eyes and direction of the Gojukai Master Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, who had flown specially from Tokyo for this course that was organised and sponsored by CyberBudoWorld in close cooperation with the senior instructors of Gojukai in Europe. Following a welcome reception on Friday evening at Bisham around 75 students and instructors trained on Saturday under the guidance of Shihan Yamaguchi, Shihan De Jong and sensei Terry Wingrove.

The course attracted many students/instructors from other karate styles seeking to broaden their knowledge in a very friendly environment. Following the afternoon training everyone was treated to a wonderful demonstration of kata by both Saiko Shihan Yamaguchi and Shihan De Jong, performed to classical Japanese music, this was the first time this had been performed in UK,a great priviledge for all the spectators. Saturday evening a buffet supper was served to course members in the Tudor lodge at Bisham when Shihan Yamaguchi received a presentaion to commemorate his visit.

Saiko Shihan Course Proves a Great Success - 19th Mar 2007
Photos Copyright CYBERBUDO

Sunday was a repeat of enthusiastic training and the general concensus was that everyone should meet again for a rerun next year.

The course was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Letter from Alan Francis OBE
Posted 25th February 2007

I am very pleased to have the following comments from my friend Alan Francis the first ever chairman of an English Karate governing body in 1966 (BKCC) who worked tirelessly for years for the development of karate and was awarded an OBE for his work. I feel his objectivity,experience and non-partisan attitude will be greatly appreciated by todays karate-ka.
Terry Wingrove

Hello Terry,

I was half way thro' typing up a (somewhat boring maybe) historic-type piece about the origins of the BKCC etc when I read your Email about stepping back from the mayhem to enable you to assist people who will appreciate your help and interests. I can absolutely sympathise with how you feel.

As I look back I recall very happy and successful times of the 1970s, getting karate accepted by local authorities, the European and World successes, the Fanfare for Europe celebrations sponsored by the Government, developing the credibility of karate and to being acclaimed 'Sports Team of the Year 1975' by ITV and the daily Express, taking part in The Lord Mayor's Show with The World Cup etc...great days to the credit of all concerned.

Then the downside, which it appears you have been experiencing. We once arranged a match at Luton Sports Centre which was to be televised live on a Saturday afternoon, a first class opportunity to spread knowledge of the sport to a mass audience . ITV sport then had so many advance telephone protests from 'outside' karate groups that I received a call whilst at a company meeting in a hotel, to say that unless a letter (confirming the status of the karate competitors), signed by me, was on the desk of the ITV Sports producer within two hours the outside broadcast would be cancelled. Immense damage to the good name of karate was done by rival groups using activities of this sort.

I negotiated a £40,000 (multiply that 4-fold for inflation) deal with Mecca who were willing to convert a whole bowling alley into a martial arts centre. There was so much argument as to who would use it that the project was dropped. I was very disappointed, though relieved.

The London Amateur Boxing Association annually invited The Lord Mayor of London to be patron. I thought it would be good for the status of karate if the Lord Mayor of London was asked to be President of Karate. He was approached and agreed. When the committee was informed of progress there was so much argument that we dare not let a situation arise where there was illogical protest, so the idea was dropped. Karate lost status due to spats like this.

At the moment there is much discussion in the media about youths with guns, gangs and street violence. Yesterday on the ITN news/politics lunchtime program boxing was being advocated as a means of attracting youngsters, the London Borough of Bromley leading the way. Where is the voice of karate, the credible voice that publicises karate, kata, and fitness training are the very essence of discipline and respect? I venture to suggest that karate politics has clouded the scene so much that the voice is not listened-to or heard. A great shame.

Terry, I hope this is not unduly negative. In spite of massive growth nationally it seems to me that much needs to be done to restore credibilty.

Over the years I met some superb karateka, leaders by example and ability, and I remember them with affection, especially the World Champion Team from Long Beach 1975. However there were some, let us call them the politicians, who when in a situation of strength did not have the 'feel' or know-how to use the light touch to achieve objectives. They demanded control and discipline when a friendly arm was required. Then the major style organisations started to have major, serious splits. I personally tried to prevent some by appealing to members at meetings but splits there were and ultimately, had it carried on, the governing body would have had control over less and less. So I left the BKCC, got all the 'outside' creditable groups together into a federation and successfully applied to rejoin. It did not endear me to the the hard core but it had the effect of bringing back into the fold some excellent groups and genuine karateka to the benefit of karate as a whole.

I sincerely wish karate well. The activity has moved on amazingly but needs the gentle touch and a period of stable good judgement to regain the position where it should be. Then instead of Frank Bruno being sent for (good as he is) to promote boxing skills on television, the leading karateka will be asked to contibute what karate can do for the nation, without one must add, rivals 'phoning to demolish the credibility of the individual or the style. A period of humility may help...

Best wishes,
Alan Francis OBE

Kobudo Kenkyukai Centre Opens in Poland
Posted 22nd February 2007

We are very happy to announce that our oldest affiliated dojo in Poland after careful consideration and recent changes in Polish law has officially been incorporated in Chrzelice, Poland on 16th Feb under the direction of our senior Polish instructor Sensei Eryk Murlowski who has been affiliated with our group for 18 years. Eryk has produced many excellent students over the years who have gone on to train for many months at our English dojos as well as hosting our instructors on many occasions in Poland over the years. We wish them every success and will do all we can to assist them.

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Z przyjemnoscia zawiadamiamy, ze najstarsze wspolpracujace z nami dojo w Polsce officjalnie zostalo po pewnych zmianach zarejestrowane w Chrzelicach w Polsce dnia 16-go lutego pod kierownictwem naszego seniora instruktora Sensei’a Eryka Murlowskiego, ktory jest naszym przedstawicielem od 18-u lat. W przeciagu tych lat Eryk wyszkolil wielu doskonalych studentow, ktorzy przyjechali trenowac przez wiele miesiecy w naszym angielskim dojo, a takze wspolpomagali naszych instruktorow na wielu spotkaniach w Polsce. Chcielibysmy zyczyc im wielu sukcesow i zrobimy wszystko by ich wspomagac.

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Bruce Miller Course Proves Very Successful
Posted 16th February 2007

Students and instructors were very happy to greet Bruce Miller on his 3 UK courses in Bisham, Brighton & Wigan. For most of the participants this was a first time to receive instruction from sensei Miller, who went out of his way to explain in laymans terms the medical implications of his techniques and at each venue as the course warmed up it progressed to an open forum and exchange of knowledge in the nicest way. The feedback we have received already has proved so positive that we have already invited Sensei Miller to visit us again to spread his knowledge to a wider audience.

E-Mail from Bruce Miller - 16th Feb 2007

I just wanted to thank you for a very pleasant trip and also for all that you do to further the real goals of martial arts!

It was not only a fun trip it was VERY nice to meet someone who really DOES know what they are talking about and who has been there. I am not easily impressed but am impressed with your skills.

Thank you again
Bruce Everett Miller

PS I will begin working on the updated combined version of the book VERY soon. I will keep you informed of the progress

Bruce MillerBruce Miller Course - 10-14th February 2007

CYBERBUDOWORLD is very proud to sponsor a series of courses in UK in February with an outstanding teacher of Martial Arts namely Bruce Miller who is internationally famous for his study/teaching and books on Pressure Points and especially the medical implications of techniques both Chinese & Japanese.

We can thoroughly recommend the courses especially for all dan grades who will find a wealth of knowledge can be gained from the courses.

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