Karate-do Competition Sponsorship
Posted 16th June 2007

We are very pleased to announce that following recent talks in London and abroad with commercial sponsors we will shortly be announcing a series of sponsored competitions to cover ALL categories of competitor from junior to senior. These competitions will enable athletes to test their skill both here and abroad in a friendly and non-political environment. As a first step free training sessions will be offered very shortly at strategic venues under the best coaches available. These training sessions will be open to ALL irrespective of their style and/or affiliation.

Lisbon/Gdansk Courses Prove Very Popular
Posted 12th June 2007

Bookends! Sensei Alan Platt gets a close up of the Portuguese Sumo Champion at the Lisbon Budo Display (right)

We broke new ground with our participation in the LISBON BUDO FESTIVAL and were a little hesitant as to how we would be received but we soon found that the hospitality and interest were of the highest level, led by Jose Patrao. The Portuguese did everything to make our stay a success and with the Karate Jutsu / Yawara training course all day Saturday we were able to show our techniques to many interested groups including Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo etc. By the end of Sat. prior to the Budosai display on Sun. we had received many invitations to return to Portugal for future courses plus a number of the students and teachers expressed a serious desire to visit us in UK to train (these were directed to the 50th Anniversary Budosai at Bisham on 2/5th Aug).

The display on Sun was before the Japanese Ambassador and many other local dignitaries and was covered by local press and TV, with a very comprehensive display of many Japanese martial arts including many schools of Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, Sumo, Kyudo, Iiaido, Kendo, Bojitsu, Naginata, Shorinji kempo etc but the most important factor I felt was that the sponsors of this cultural event were some of the biggest names in Japanese industry such as SONY, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, DAIKIN, YAMAHA, BLUELINE etc who are usually reluctant to support martial art as it projects the “wrong” image of Japanese industry, but after 18 months of negotiations this “test” was carried out to emphasize the cultural and traditional aspect of Japanese martial Arts to see if this formula can be used elsewhere in Europe to promote the right image of Japan. We were all aware of the potential for Budo if we could convince the sponsors and trod very carefully to show our art at its best. Apparently it was 100% successful and everyone concerned (the sponsors & martial arts groups) worked together to provide a smooth organisation that produced a very interesting and informative display not only for the public but for the participants.

We are now planning to introduce the same format at other European venues in the not too distant future.

Next it was off 4 days later to Gdansk, Poland (8th/11th June)which we always find a very happy event. We have been coming to Poland for 18 years during which time we have made many,many friends.The course brought together instructors and students from all over Poland and with Poland now in the EU we see so much more of our “Polish division” these days than in the early years and we have 5 courses a year so we must be doing something right. The senior instructors will this year begin to teach Yawara in Europe to assist the increasing demand to learn our Martial Art . The 3 day course was held in the best of weather and we maximised our study both on and off the mat !

Terry Wingrove graded to 8th Dan Hanshi in Tokyo
Posted Jun 2007

We are very pleased to announce that sensei terry wingrove has been awarded 8th Dan Hanshi.

Sensei Wingrove was presented with his 8th Dan certificate in a ceremony in Tokyo on saturday 28th April by 88 year-old master Hiroshi Kinjo, the most senior karate teacher in Japan.

Terry, who is 65, spent 21 years in Japan and is in his 50th year in karate. He received his 7th Dan Kyoshi, 18 yrs ago in Kyoto.

SENI 07 - Moves Home & Changes Form
Posted 28th May 2007

Following a hectic build-day on Friday 18th May, CYBERBUDO staff manned 2 stands over the weekend (19th/20th May). This year SENI changed from the NEC Birmingham to ExCel Centre London and the content of SENI changed with it. This year there was a predominance of MMA with both UFC and CAGE RAGE taking a very dominant role in creating the atmospere for SENI 07. The number of traditional exhibitors and visitors seemed much lower this year and the noise level was as high if not higher that NEC.

SENI 07Against this background CYBERBUDO brought to SENI the skill of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi Tino Ceberano, Hanshi George Andrews and his team, Kyoshi Louis Mercier, Kyoshi Kurt Graham, Sensei Alan Ruddock, Sensei Eryk Murlowski and their assistants plus sponsoring on our second stand, Paul Martin from the Tokyo National Museum and his charges the two Japanese masters Kazunori Abe (sword polisher) and Yoshimitsu Ono (swordsmith) who attracted crowds of sword enthusiasts and impressed everyone who met them with their approachability.

Our stand was the main attraction for Traditional Arts as we expected and with the introduction of a large matted area on the stand visitors were kept on and around our stand by the constant demos of Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, Kobudo which generated many enquiries and invitations to the instructors. It was so nice to see so many old and new friends who took time to visit SENI and our stand. The Classical Demonstration area which was near our stand provided constant demos and CYBERBUDO gave demos on this area every hour.

Click here for a complete photographic record of SENI 07 in our Media Centre

Current Comment
Posted 3rd May 2007

Sensei Hiroshi Kinjo with a group of his senior students


I just got back from Tokyo after a hectic week doing the rounds to finalise upcoming courses. The main reason I went to Japan was to attend the 88th birthday party of the last Karate Genro (elder) Hiroshi Kinjo. He was always the quiet one and in his time trained with Funakoshi, Mabuni, Choki Motobu, Konishi and many others. He is regarded as the “walking encyclopedia “ of karate and writes a regular column in the Budokan magazine. The importance and luck associated with 8 in oriental thinking means that your 88th birthday is considered very important when everyone celebrates your lifetime achievements.

Kinjo sensei is Okinawan by birth and I first met him 39 years ago when I started to work at FAJKO in Tokyo, I must admit, when I first saw him I thought he was just a clerk in the office as he was so quiet. Over the coming years I watched his relationship with Ohtsuka, Yamaguchi, Nakayama, Iwata, Eriguchi etc and realised how important he was. Now I received an invite to his 88th birthday party in Tokyo along with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy and other foreigners from Italy, New Zealand and USA.

Sensei Shigeru Sawabe, Hideo Tsuchiya and Bunpei
Kimura discuss the day’s events

The reception was held on Monday 30th April at a top class hotel complex and was very formal. About 250 people were invited and I was particularly interested in who would be there as I had been told that this would most probably be the last time that all the “Old Men” of Japanese Karate would gather as they are getting to frail to travel. I met many old friends and realised how the ravages of time are affecting us all !

I sat with my teacher and friend Hideo Tsuchiya and Shigeru Sawabe the West Japan director of Shitoryu and gossiped who was missing and who was still active etc. I must say the biggest shock for me was the general concensus among the old boys that karate was losing favour all over Japan as the new crop of youngsters prefer, soccer and tennis to the discipline of Budo. Even Sawabe sensei has closed his main Osaka dojo as he said he was subsidising it every month and that all the associations in Japan now depend on school children for the majority of their membership base. Also another big factor of contention that I heard discussed a lot was the inefficiency of the JKF which since the demise of Sasagawa has not provided the lead that it should and seems to lack any of its former clout when it was led by Sasagawa and Eriguchi.

Sensei Hiroshi Kinjo greets Terry Wingrove at the celebration of Kinjo’s 88th Birthday party

Without boring everyone with lists of names I can say that all the VIP’s of Japanese karate were present and Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi made a very good speech re Kinjo’s contribution to karate,he was followed by the director of the Budokan and various dignatories from the publishing world. As the Sake and Wine flowed so the old stories started to come out and the hours flew by. I was very fortunate in that I had received my Hanshi 8th dan two days before Kinjo’s party and was the butt of many jokes about my life as a youngster in Japan and all the cock-ups I made.

I had a wondeful day and wouldn’t have missed it for the world but I must say I did feel sad when I realised that the “Golden Days” of karate that I knew are gone forever and most probably I’ll never see a gathering like this again.

Terry Wingrove

Petition to save Noma Dojo, Tokyo, Japan

The KODANSHA publishing company in Tokyo as owners of the most famous KENDO dojo (NOMA) in Tokyo are planning to redevelop the site and in so doing will destroy the home of the most important KENDO dojo in Tokyo. The NOMA dojo built in 1925 was the honbu of the legendry Moriji Mochida and the site of the last Kendo tournament with the Emperor in attendance. This dojo houses elements dating back 250 years and its potential destruction is causing uproar in not only Japan but internationally. This dojo is also special to AIKIDO history as the site of the first Tokyo demonstrations by the founder Morihei Ueshiba. We ask you to sign the petition below as a gesture to try and change the minds of the KODANSHA company and the NOMA family, every signature helps, THANK YOU.

Please click on the link:

Kobudo Seminar

We are very pleased to bring to your attention a series of traditional Okinawan kobudo seminars by the renowned master Sensei Hayashi who has trained all of his life in Karate and Kobudo and holds the rank of 7th Dan in both.

These seminars are a great opportunity to train directly with Sensei Hayashi on his first visit to the UK.

Archive news - course booking details removed

British Karate 50th Anniversary Course

We are pleased to announce that the Budosai course to celebrate 50 years of English Karate will be held from Thursday 2nd August to Sunday 5th August 2007 at the National Sports Centre, Bisham Abbey, Bucks, the Budosai will offer the best of Japanese & Okinawan instruction in a number of Karate styles plus the option to train in Kobudo, Aikido, Iiaido & Jujitsu. By mid-January 2007 we will announce the full details and accept registrations.

With all the success of the summer courses and SENI 06 behind us we are now planning the BIG events of 2007. First will come SENI 2007 on the 19th & 20th of May when we will bring together 10 more top Budo masters from all over the world to add to Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi Tino Ceberano, Master Dennis Hanover, Master Alan Ruddock and Terry Wingrove all of whom proved a great attraction at SENI 06. Next years SENI will change its venue to the famous ExCel centre in London’s Docklands which should make it a lot more “user friendly”. The new venue will have 5 main zones hosting many international displays, events,seminars and celebrity appearances as well as a show floor packed with the leading suppliers to the fighting art industry, making it a date not to be missed. Especially interesting will be the NEW “Masters of the Mat” show which will feature a 3 hour show on both days in a specially constructed 4000 seat arena all this plus the SENI Film Festival and Fighting Spirit awards will be held over the SENI weekend. Watch this website as we will update SENI information regularly.

Then we come to the “Big One” for us,the special International Budosai course at Bisham Abbey,Marlow, Bucks the 50th anniversary of Karate in Britain from 2nd to the 5th August when BUDOWORLD & CYBERBUDO will sponsor the largest gathering (more than 25) of top Japanese & Okinawan Karate and Budo teachers ever to teach as one group in Europe. The Karate teachers will come from 5 different styles and provide a level of expert instruction rarely seen in Europe. To add to the Karate will be other optional classes in Kobudo, Iiaido, Aikido and Jujitsu. We will update this information regularly in the coming weeks with full details of the course.

Lisbon International Martial Arts Festival 2nd/3rd JunLisbon International Martial Arts Festival 2nd/3rd Jun

CYBERBUDO is proud to be part of the LISBON International Martial Arts Festival on 2nd & 3rd June 2007.

This year Karate Jutsu International, International Jujitsu Federation and Aikido International are supporting and attending the Festival which has the commercial patronage of major Japanese Corporations such as Sony, Yamaha, Daikin, Mitsubishi Motors, Blueline plus the cultural patronage of the Portugal Japan Friendship Association and many other organisations.

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Madrid Course Proves a Big Success - 14/15th Apr 2007

Students from Spain, France and England gathered in Madrid for a 2 day course of Ju Jitsu under the senior instruction of Sensei Terry Wingrove, Louis Mercier & Antonio Enjuto. Over the two days the students covered techniques of Tai-Jitsu, Goshin-Jitsu and Yawara which were obviously very popular and so much so that the next course in Madrid was fixed for October this year. Among the other high grades attending were Sr Pedro Dabauza 7th dan. and a number of 4th/5th & 6th dans from the Spanish Tai-Jitsu organisation.

Madrid 2007
Some of the students and instructors at the Madrid Ju Jitsu course 14/15th April 2007

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