The story so far . . .

An eclectic mix of instructors and students from 12 countries converged on the National Sports Centre Bisham Nr, Marlow, Bucks over the weekend of 3rd, 4th & 5th Aug. With instructors from Japan, Okinawa & China, the three day BUDOSAI event covered 5 disciplines (Karate, Aikido, Iiaido, Jujitsu & Wushu) and was a first in respect to getting these particular masters on the same mat.

Follow the links in the BUDOSAI 2007 menu to the right to read about the first of what is planned to be regular international annual BUDOSAI events. Without doubt BUDOSAI 2007 was a resounding success as the tremendous feedback following the event testifies. We are very pleased that we can bring to you the video of the Bisham BUDOSAI 2007 - we received literally hundreds of e-mails asking when it would be available and after considering all the requests we have decided to put an edited version on our website FREE so that everyone can enjoy it - (The original video is 3 hours long).

Please see our important notice re BUDOSAI 2008 which has been postponed until 2009.

Keep a look out here too for announcements and details of BUDOSAI 2009!

BudoSai 2007